Update Log

Welcome to TomExam, we've been in progress , since we published the first version of TomExam in 2010.

2018-02-01 3.1 standard edition updates
1. optimize the function of the group, support the selector mode selection department, and support the preview of the test questions, such as the function
2. online learning support departments and individuals, two ways to specify target objects and record learning progress
3. examinee's answer interface optimization, mobile terminal support single question display and whole volume display, PC end support font enlargement, and so on
4. random test papers support a chapter to take questions from multiple question banks to form a random test paper
5. mobile terminal support registration, online learning, and optimize the related player code
6. other optimizes
1、The administrator can check the selftest detail
2、Import questions by Excel
3、Question Library analysis
4、Questions support online edit of formula
5、The online course supports the play of code
6、New marker of wrong answer in test paper, etc.
1、Batch import optimization
2、Export history test papers
3、Optimization of paper template for export
4、Online learning optimization
5、Self test function optimization
6、Login security, quickly creation of classes and lecturers in course, online user list, etc.
1、Welcome page optimization
2、Question preview and batch operation
3、Online formula editing.
4、Online learning supports external video
5、Absent list, Question bank optimization, Grading marker...
1、Export test paper
2、Clone test paper, Quickly copy existing test paper for new test
3、Support Single-Item or Whole-Volume display modes, which can effectively prevent cheating.
4、The examinee self-test function optimization
1、Question Batch Import
2、OnLine Learning,Administrator can release PPT, video, audio and other multimedia courseware
3、Data protection on extreme situations
4、Prompt on automatic grading process
5、Optimization test data analysis functions
6、Several other optimization
1、Provide a quick installation way, easier to deploy
2、Support random test paper, every candidate using different test paper
3、Repair known bugs and optimization on functionality and performance
1、Tomexam 2.8 Open All Functions, completely free
1、Tomexam 2.7 Update: optimization on user's suggestion
2、More fields on list pages, Manual. Optimization on test detail pages
3、Single/Multiple-choice options up to 26 and so on
1、Tomexam 2.6 Free Version Released, publish new functions on user's suggestions
1、Tomexam 2.1 Free Version Released, increase functions: users, tests batch import and export, logging, etc...
1、Tomexam 2.0 Free Version Released, optimize the system architecture, publish new functions. Rewrite more than 80% underlying code, faster, more efficient
1、Tomexam 1.0 Free Version Released
1、Tomexam 1.0 beta Released